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The Italian Culture: 20 Decent Customs and Traditions from the Beautiful Country of Italy

After the feast of the seven fishes, Italian families flock to their local churches to attend midnight mass. Stopping at Old Befana’s cottage, they asked if she knew where the Child was. Italian traditions are directly connected to Italy’s ancestors, which says even more about Italian history. Schools start in Italy in mid September so all of August is potential vacation season. It’s also their most popular, most viewed and most played sport. I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith. To combat current issues, the government has adopted a National Strategy for Gender Equality Strategia Nazionale per la Parità di Genere covering 2021–2026. Zampognari show up in many Italian towns and cities, filling the streets with the sounds of bagpipes. Italy has a mild winter and hot summer climate. And the last round of gift giving. The reception features a traditional Italian meal which includes various drinks, appetizers, three or four courses, side dishes, cheese and fruit, and a variety of desserts. Holidays and Celebrations. Many different types of candies that I would never have known about otherwise, but it was a great way to explore this gorgeous Umbrian city. When you gift someone, it is normal to open it right after receiving it. On Christmas Eve at midnight, baby Jesus appears in the manger, and on January 6th, the presepe is completed by adding the stella cadente shooting star and the re magi three wise men. A figure similar to La Befana already existed in the 6th century BC. Families take their children to special evening masses in church and go from door to door often dressing their youngest as little shepherds to perform Christmas carols for money or sweets. In Italy, a person’s honour is defined by the impression they leave on others – ‘fare la bella figura’ which literally means ‘making a good image’. Lucy rewards good children Enfeites de Natal em feltro and gives coal to the cattivi naughty kids. In a country where Christmas lunch can just as much mean huddling together by the fireplace in a Tyrolean chalet as it can an alfresco affair under the blazing, 20°C sunshine of the Sicilian coast, festive menus are inevitably bound to look drastically different from one region to the next – and at times, even from town to town. Our staff will take care of it all for you and iron out the details of every step along the way. In some areas, such as Emilia Romagna and Umbria, Easter eggs are prepared hard boiled eggs decorated with food coloring. The formal descriptive term for mother in Italian is madre, but children call their mother “mamma”. June 2: The Festa della Repubblica marks the birth and unification of the Italian Republic. Calcio Fiorentino is the bizarre but fun sport that you never knew was missing from your life. Francesca, Flavours Holidays language teacher enjoying her holidays. Enrich your knowledge of European destinations on your list. Your email address will not be published.

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Italian Funeral Service Rituals

Now that you know all about celebrating Christmas in Italy it’s time for you to have fun. Other words you might want to know when talking about days of the week are. Most firms put the decision making capacity in the hands of owners and executive staff. Join the patron saint celebrations in Palazzolo Acreide and experience a festa you will not soon forget. Traveling to Italy for the Holidays. The Garden of Ninfa, the legendary Italian Garden built by a princess. They may be elaborate affairs, featuring not only the classic nativity scene but also a mock rural 19th century village, complete with artisans in traditional costumes working at their trades. These customs will significantly benefit you the next time you make friends with Italian people. Some of the most successful Italian road cyclists have been Costante Girardengo, Fausto Coppi, Gino Bartali, Alfredo Binda, Felice Gimondi, Fiorenzo Magni, Mario Cipollini, Francesco Moser, Marco Pantani, Moreno Argentin, Paolo Bettini, Michele Bartoli, Gianni Bugno, Alessandro Petacchi and Vincenzo Nibali.

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A few of the traditions we think are most important no matter where you spend Christmas in Italy:

These customs will significantly benefit you the next time you make friends with Italian people. The monastery of San Martino in Naples houses a unique collection of presepe figurines unlike any other collection and is well worth a visit. So, do apply for an Italy student visa once you get admission here. Riposino in pace — May they rest in peace. If colleagues arrive late to a meeting, it’s important you don’t react negatively by rolling your eyes or making other irritated gestures as this will cast you in a bad light. Many save up to have the most lavish celebration possible, serving up traditional dishes like pasta in brodo pasta in broth, roasts and sweet bread desserts like panettone. The only thing that naughty kids will find is a lump of charcoal in their shoes. When you look at competitions like the World Cycling Championship and the results from previous competitions, then you can see that only one country has won the championships more often than Italy: Belgium. Roman Catholics are firm believers in the Holy Trinity—or the unity of the Father God, the Son Jesus and the Holy Spirit. The trees are usually fake, but more and more real trees are popping up in grocery stores and on city street corners. To really make the most of your luck, you’re supposed to throw it away the next day. In Italy, the gifts are brought by Babbo Natale Santa Claus, who arrives on a sled and enters the home through the chimney or window. This unusual ritual has since become an unmissable event for Roman citizens. Schiavone was the first Italian player to win a Grand Slam singles title, winning the 2010 French Open; she was later followed by Pennetta, who won the 2015 US Open. Unlike Christmas Eve’s meal, Christmas Day is typically meat based. Business cards are a common feature among Italian professionals. The Global Coalition against Corruption Transparency International provides quantitative tools about levels of transparency and corruption in Italy. While some countries offer Antipasto salad andrefer to it as a meal, this is not something that occurs in Italy.

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New Year’s Eve

It’s also essential that you don’t stretch your arms on the table while sitting down. To be completely honest, the list of traditional Italian Christmas dishes could go on forever. Peter’s Square transforms into a magical place. Our Gray Line I love Rome website is full details on how we can help you explore our city, and share its beauty with you. Trips, outings, picnics on the grass and barbecues are among the favorite outdoor activities during Easter Monday. There are usually fireworks displays to mark the special night and lots of traditional Italian treats for everyone to enjoy. A total of 99 teams have competed in the LBA since its inception. If the children were good, their shoes would be filled on Christmas morning. Men, women, and children of all ages don crimson underwear on December 31 to help ensure a happy and healthy coming year. Vigilia di Natale is one of the most celebrated events in Italy.

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The Top 8 Cultural Celebrations in Italy

In some cases, the funeral service will end with family members or friends speaking from the heart about the deceased. No one ever accused Italians of not knowing how to celebrate. The Italian Christmas Eve table will always have pasta: spaghetti with clams or risotto with a mix of seafood are among the delicacies we eat during the cenone della vigilia. Historical competitions are widespread throughout the Italian national territory, such as the Palio, the name given in the country to an annual athletic contest, very often of a historical character, pitting the neighbourhoods of a town or the hamlets of a comune against each other. From as early as mid November, the center of Italy’s towns and cities lights up with Christmas lights. Language is one of the key aspects of the culture of Italy. Sign up for our newsletter to keep in touch. The Molinari brothers won the World Cup of Golf in 2009. The Befana, like Santa Claus, is said to give sweets for the good and coal for the naughty kids. Some of the most popular local festivities include April 25th in Venice Saint Mark, June 24th in Florence, Genoa and Turin St. Thus, when you get indoors, it’s essential to take the hat off to show that you believe the house is clean and not the other way around. On Christmas day, we’d eat like the Venetians would with ossocollo Venetian sausage and other antipasto like Soppressa, Salami, and Prosciutto served with bread and pickled vegetables like a Venetian charcuterie board. May you guide and strengthen them in their compassion and concern for all the people in their care.

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Private Tours in Italy

Other significant monuments built during this period include the Florence Cathedral, Basilica of San Lorenzo, Basilica of Sant’Andrea, Medici Riccardi Palace, and Villa Rotonda. A small tip: food is always a good way to bring Italians together. Indeed, it’s a wonderful place to study. However, the main sign of leadership is not the ability of a person to make decisions, as is customary in most countries, but his position in society, in power. Actually, prior to my hooking up with you, I had decided to quit the pursuit. Major art capitals in the country include Rome, Florence, Venice, Milan, Naples, and Turin. As such, you may find that your Italian peers make great efforts to get to know you and to be hospitable. As I already mentioned, Italians may spend Easter with family or friends, either at home, or at a restaurant. Feb 21, 2017 1:30:00 PM / by Julie Ritz. Beloved Easter sweets like the colomba dove shaped cake, pane di pasqua ring cake with colored hard boiled eggs and uova al cioccolato large chocolate eggs filled with surprises are given as gifts and happily consumed by all; they appear in shop windows weeks before the big day. The city’s proximity to the Alps make it an ideal ski location as well, with hills for a range of abilities. The Convention has been ratified and implemented through Act No. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. At the start of a meeting you should take the opportunity to hand out your business card but it should always have an Italian translation on the back. “The sports that people play and watch the most”. Another traditional way Christmas is celebrated in Italian schools is with a Christmas recital just before the Christmas holidays begin. One Christmas tradition in Italy: a Christmas market. Pasta, is loved and preferred, in the various shapes and lengths that it is available in. Authentic Italian Cooking since the 1920s. Get to know the faces behind the name. The cheese is then auctioned off and the proceeds go to charity. And enjoy the delicious Christmas food. 28% decline from 2022. Most meals are composed of two courses, a “primo” and/or a “secondo” and a “contorno”.

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Your email address will not be published. Palermo – Santa Rosalia – July 15. Float containing a band and an image of the saint. And to really guarantee that the coming year is a success, make sure to get yourself a pair of red underwear. Home » Country Profiles » Italy » Italian Business Meeting Etiquette. In classic films, we have seen men holding doors for women and going after them. Whatever your level of experience, from the seasoned pro to novice, golfers of all skill levels will find something to enjoy and be challenged by on Italy’s breathtaking courses. Italian traditions are directly connected to Italy’s ancestors, which says even more about Italian history. Another tradition is the burning of the Yule log, which must stay alight until New Year’s Day. The residents of Naples would toss their old and unwanted things – like clothes and appliances – out their windows to truly have a fresh start to the new year. He invented the game as something people could play in private. Any information you provide to Cake, and all communications between you and Cake, are not protected by an attorney client privilege and are instead governed by our Privacy Policy. The Cultural Atlas team acknowledges the Traditional Owners of the lands throughout Australia on whose country we have the privilege to live and work. When choosing dates it’s best to keep in mind the national bank holidays throughout the year. Com – My Corner of Italy. You see Ferragosto is a countrywide tradition that obvs implies eating like a madman, but also some great warm sunny weather. It’s always important to bring flowers or a box of chocolates to show respect for the hosts who took the time to clean their house and prepare a fancy meal for you. The usually quiet streets of Perugia become packed with vendors and visitors selling and eating mass amounts of sweet treats. A win for both of us. Well, practically and more honestly, there is no way we. Also, you shouldn’t take your shoes off unless the hosts ask you to.

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Other popular Italian Christmas desserts include pignolata, struffoli and zuccotto. If you happen to be in Italy in December, these are the most important Italian Christmas traditions you should know about. See also the list the most popular internet searches for “sports” in Italy. The Saint Mark’s Basilica in Venice is a spectacular example of the Byzantine architecture in Italy. Peter’s Square for those who don’t manage to get into the basilica to see the Pope and participate in the mass up close. Guests can bring food and comfort the grieving family while sharing memories they had with the deceased and say goodbye. These statistics contrast with women’s academic attainment in Italy. The host should always pay for the meal, although the guest may offer – be sure to politely decline. The ninth most popular sport in Italy is rugby union. Zampognari bagpipe players are another Christmas fixture in many Italian cities. Want to see how different parts of Italy celebrate Christmas. Which means Italians celebrate lots of great, unique Christmas traditions. To find out more about LearningMole please visit our about us page or visit more of our topics available. Nosey Jack asked why Nicola wasn’t working. Italy has won a total of 259 gold medals which makes them the 6th most successful country in Olympic history, after the USA, the Soviet Union, Germany, Great Britain and France.

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“Il giorno” male,sing / The day, “La settimana” female, sing / The week

Since many Italians subscribe to Catholicism, an Italian funeral service generally follows the traditions of a Catholic funeral. Nonetheless, traditional etiquette and social codes still dominate the workspace in almost all business settings; so you need to be aware of these to succeed in Italy. Many save up to have the most lavish celebration possible, serving up traditional dishes like pasta in brodo pasta in broth, roasts and traditional desserts like panettone. Where a deadline must be firmly met, be sure to make it very clear to your Italian partner. Aside from engineering and fashion, its other prevalent economic sector is tourism. Christmas day goes on until late while playing board games and unwrapping gifts. On Christmas Eve at midnight, baby Jesus appears in the manger, and on January 6th, the presepe is completed by adding the stella cadente shooting star and the re magi three wise men. Now that you know more about how it is celebrated on the other side of the pond, all you need is how to give your holiday wishes in Italian. Before, the Italian family model had been inspired and influenced by the Catholic church. In Italian folklore, a witch brings good children treats on the morning of the Epiphany, 6th January. Art in Italy was mainly transformed during Roman times. Stephen’s Day, the Christmas holidays in Italy are not over until January 6th, the Giorno della Befana or La Befana Epiphany Day. Another important rule in Italian culture is never to leave the table after eating. Where will the Pope say mass. Fear and Desire in the Roman Empire. Net or w footballitaliano.


Christmas is celebrated in many parts of the globe, but Christmas in Italy is special. Everyone at the Italian American Citizenship Assistance Program wishes you and your family a Happy New Year. On New Year’s Eve, cotechino is typically served with lentils—another food that is thought to resemble coins and money. New Year’s Day, January 1, is called Capodanno pronounced kah poh DAHN noh, which literally translates to “head of the year. Italy’s top flight club football league is named Serie A and is followed by millions of fans around the world. Above all, the Carnival of Venice and the Carnival of Viareggio, but also the Carnival of Ivrea have a reputation that goes beyond national borders and are popular with tourists from both Italy and abroad. After you’ve made it through all the courses, it’s time for dessert. Continue reading on how to celebrate like an Italian this holiday season and relish every bite of traditional Italian food. Other major players such as Prada and Chanel have large offices and stores situated in Florence and its outskirts. In grammatical terms, Sabato is masculine and singular and takes the article ‘Il’ and preposition ‘di’. And leftovers are great with cappuccino the next morning. Because of superstitions, Italians will bury the deceased with his or her favorite material possessions in order to prevent the deceased from wanting to return to Earth. “The Eurochocolate Festival is truly a dessert lover’s haven. As the clock strikes twelve, they eat a grape for each hour struck. So, let’s begin learning about la settimana the week. Then when you get that inevitable coffee urge you can waltz up to the machine, tap your key and presto your coffee will be made. Cucina Toscana282 S 300 WSalt Lake City, UT 84101801 328 3463. Happy the merciful, they shall have mercy shown them.

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This March 25th holiday was the official marking of Europe’s New Year on the Feast Day of the Annunciation until 1582. Everyone loves receiving a lovely gift, especially if it’s something they’ve always wanted or needed. Want to make some of these traditions your own. Today, the characters often represent different nationalities, races and religions. Other major brands like Gucci, Roberto Cavalli, Patrizia Pepe, Enrico Coveri, and Emilio Pucci presently have their headquarters in Florence. One Christmas tradition in Italy: a Christmas market. Be ready to engage in conversations on light topics at the beginning of every meeting. If a man is getting out of a place with a woman behind him, he shouldn’t let her run for the door and let it smack her. Another traditional way Christmas is celebrated in Italian schools is with a Christmas recital just before the Christmas holidays begin. Learn How to Say Merry Christmas in Italian. Donning traditional clothing, residents dress up as Mary, Joseph, the Three Wise Men, Shepherds, and the Angels. In the street you can buy wonderful hand made Nativity scene decorations and figures and of course whole scenes. In order to celebrate New Year’s Eve, cabude is unmissable on the Sardinian tables. Carnevale is the Italian version of Mardi Gras, and can occur in the weekends of January March depending on when Easter falls. The following Italian expressions are the most popular. In Versilia, always as a sign of forgiveness, but this time towards Jesus, the women of the sailors kiss the earth, saying: “Terra bacio e terra sono Gesù mio, chiedo perdono” “I kiss the earth and earth I am my Jesus, I ask for forgiveness”. Even today, the Neapolitan masters are the best nativity scenes, and the symbol of this Neapolitan tradition are the shops of Via San Gregorio Armeno. Articles on this website may contain affiliate links and, should you make a purchase through them, we might make a small commission at no extra cost to you. In 1754, Bishop Alfonso Maria de’ Liguori signed one of Italy’s most popular Christmas songs, Tu scendi dalle stelle. Working remotely, as a digital nomad or looking for job opportunities globally is becoming increasingly popular. This is the list of the best Christmas markets in Italy. If you want to practice using the days of the week, include them as much as possible in your daily interactions. They showcase some of the greatest works of art and culture. After all, another major Catholic holiday, Easter, takes place in spring. As such, you may find that your Italian peers make great efforts to get to know you and to be hospitable. Food is one of the defining characteristics of Italian culture, and it is taken very seriously. Water polo is popular among both amateurs and professionals, and the national team is ranked in the top 4 of the world. Death has no power over him any more.


Via Niccolò Paganini 1820131 MILANO ITALYel: +39 02 29 53 13 59. Sign up for our latest recipes and sales. This Festa della Repubblica is held on June 2nd as a national holiday. Italy has a lot to celebrate so it’s not surprising that there are lots of Italian national. Older members in the family are highly respected. There are some similarities and differences in the way you might normally celebrate the day of love. And generally,whether one’s religious or not, pretty much everyone takes part in them. Pallamano Trieste is the championship’s most successful club with seventeen titles. From Porta al Prato to the cathedral’s porch, traditional oxen pull colorful carts decorated with ribbons, as in the 18th century. Com and affiliated sites. While the days leading up to Easter include solemn processions and masses, Pasqua is a joyous celebration marked with rituals and traditions. They will tolerate lateness and sincere mistakes, but dislike arrogance and rudeness. That’s an encouraging feeling, whether you’re Italian or not.

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The “Capodanno Fiorentino” or Florence New Year, was reinstated in 2000 as a traditional event with a procession from the Palagio di Parte Guelfa to the Basicilica of Santissima Annunziata. This is supposed to bring good fortune; the round lentils represent coins. What separates her from other instructors is her ability to explain complex grammar in a no nonsense, straightforward manner using her unique 80/20 method. The term “Natale” derives from the Latin natalis, which literally means “birth”, and the Greetings formulas in Italian are buon Natale Merry Christmas and felice Natale Happy Christmas. This can even involve meeting socially and chatting about various non business topics. In the 15th century, it took root in Naples, where it became an art form and a characteristic element of the city’s culture come and see Via San Gregorio Armeno to understand what we are talking about. This tradition stuck and is now a popular activity for children around the world. At praying time, everybody waits till the host or the one sitting at the head of the table finish saying grace. In Italian Happy/Merry Christmas is ‘Buon Natale’, in Sicilian it’s ‘Bon Natali’, in Piedmontese it’s ‘Bon Natal’ and in Ladin spoken in some parts of the northern Italian region of South Tyrol it’s ‘Bon/Bun Nadèl’. Italians kick off the Christmas season and start decorating on the Day of the Immaculate Conception, December 8. If you can, head to Rome for this national holiday—that’s where you can enjoy the holiday’s huge, patriotic military parade. Displaying a manger and the birth scene of the baby Jesus is said to be the work of St. Cucina Toscana282 S 300 WSalt Lake City, UT 84101801 328 3463. So, let’s get started. Nonetheless, they managed to prevail and dominate the sport, putting Italy on the board. The doubles duo of Sara Errani and Roberta Vinci have accomplished a Career Grand Slam in doubles, have been named ITF World Champions 3 years in a row 2012, 2013, 2014 and have ended every season since 2012 as World No. After finishing off the Christmas Eve feast, families gather around to play Tombola—the Italian version of Bingo. Contact us to find out how we can help you expand into a market globally revered for its engineering, agriculture and fashion houses. In Southern Italy, the length of veil should reflect the length of engagement; one metre for every year. The “festival of lanterns” occurs on September 7th and celebrates the pilgrimage of farmers and foreigners coming to celebrate the birthday of the Virgin Mary. Playing tombola is another essential New Year’s tradition for some Italians. In Italy, there are many traditions related to Easter Italian: Pasqua. Jesus raised his eyes to heaven and said: ‘Father, I want those you have given me to be with me where I am, so that they may always see the glory you have given me because you loved me before the foundation of the world. And the present day sometimes makes its own appearance. “You have the pizzaiolo , the salumiere , and so on. CAPA will begin programming in Sydney in May. Presepe – nativity scene.